International Destinations

Golden Express is a user- friendly service company that strives to bridge the gap between the people staying in different foreign countries by sending couriers at the drop of a click, and all transactions are undertaken smoothly with simple to follow instructions and a ready to help customer service for all times.

So, next time do choose us if you wish to send a special International courier or gift to countries like USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany or from Hyderabad to an international destination or anywhere all over the world, let that be through "Golden Express". By using our International courier services, you can once again enjoy that little piece of Hyderabad while you are thousands of miles away.

Send to USA- United States of America is the largest country in North America also referred to as the USA and is even the third largest in population worldwide. This place is the dream for all the people who wish to settle abroad and is not only confined to what is shown in the movies or shows To send a courier to the USA we need affordable services where quality is not at stake and the package reaches securely and on time.

Send to Australia- It is one of the abundantly built up countries worldwide and fascinates people for the alluring open areas, and the much talked about beaches as well as the deserts. In order to send a courier to Australia, price range should solely be not the criterion but also a reliable and secure courier service.

Send to Canada- Canada is the second largest country in terms of land and a country based in North America. It is a developed country with the world's elongated coastline which traces the three oceans of Arctic, Atlantic as well as Pacific.

Send to United Kingdom- It is also known as the UK and constitutes of Great Britain. London, the capital of UK is even the largest commercial, cultural as well as financial centre worldwide. In order to send a courier to the UK, choose a courier company that offers affordable and reliable services to not only main areas of this place but even the off-shore areas.

Send to Germany- Germany is the largest country of the Central European continent and it attracts the tourists for its old charm and diverse regions. In order to send a courier to Germany one needs to provide the exact address as the country is widely spread and has to even ensure that the documents related to the consignment are in place.

In addition to these countries, Golden Express provides courier services to other global locations including Dubai, Sharjah, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, UAE etc. as well

Thus, sending a courier to the Global destinations needs a lot of reliability as the cost involved is also high. So, choosing Golden Express as a choice eases out that factor as enough care is taken of all minute details and as a customer, you are assured that the package is in safe hands.

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